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I’m Corbie Mitleid: Certified Professional Tarot Reader, Certified Psychic, Medium, Channel, Teacher and Ordained Minister.

Despite all that, I’m really down to earth, practical – and funny. Trust me.

I’m here to help you cross your bridges…

From who you are to who you want to be,

From the world as it is
to the world as you want to make it,

from the world of your five senses
to the world of the MultiDimensional Soul.

At CorbieMitleid.com, and our mirror site, firethroughspirit.com, I’ve got resources, knowledge, articles – everything you need to cross those bridges, grow your own wings and claim your own possibilities.

Come on in and explore!

Newest in Psychic

  • Kwan Yin Serenely Reminds the Professional Intuitive to Remember Ethical Behavior

Tip #10 for Your Professional Psychic Business: Ethics

4:16 pm|Comments Off on Tip #10 for Your Professional Psychic Business: Ethics

While this may be the last of our “tips” in this series, it really is the most important one of […]

  • Fortune Cookies Are A Popular Way To Predict Love -- But Not Very Good At It!

Love and Relationship Psychic Readings

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Love is probably the single subject most asked about by my clients. Whether it’s the potential for love in the […]

Newest in Tarot

  • Tarot Spreads: Relocation Question

Tarot Spreads: The Relocation Question

9:27 am|Comments Off on Tarot Spreads: The Relocation Question

I’ve often stated that career questions are some of my favorites to work with, because of my years as an […]

  • An Entrepreneur's Tarot Spread Can Be Just The Extra Push Needed For Success!

Tarot Spreads: The Entrepreneur’s Blueprint

5:34 pm|0 Comments

After relationship questions, career questions are what come across my desk most often.  And that makes sense to me.  After […]

  • Four Seasons Of Your Spiritual Garden Tarot Card Spread

Tarot Spreads: Tending Your Spiritual Garden

1:11 pm|0 Comments

Ohhhh, the winter of 2015! At least here in the Northeast. Thank every God out there that I don’t live […]

  • Tarot Card Spreads: "Changing Your Life & Decision Making"

Tarot Spreads: The Turning Point

8:48 am|0 Comments

How many computers have you had in your life? I bet you can’t remember. We go from one to another […]


  • Both Angels and Other Beings Can Be Spirit Guides

How Should I Work With My Spirit Guides?

10:12 pm|0 Comments

When I talk about Spirit Guides, I talk about those discarnate beings that help us move along on our Earthwalk […]

  • Corbie Mitleid Sits Surrounded By Some of the Oracle Decks She Uses in Her Psychic Readings

What Are Oracle Cards Used For?

4:35 pm|Comments Off on What Are Oracle Cards Used For?

I adore oracle cards!  They are a wonderful way for people to start learning to trust their own intuition.  A […]

  • Soul Mate Wedding Tarot & Oracle Card Spreads

Oracle Card Spreads: Soul Contracts and Weddings

8:28 pm|0 Comments

Take it from a woman who has had both good and bad marriages — finding the right one is worth […]

Spiritual Awakening

  • Spiritual Awakening:  You Can't Get It Wrong

You Can’t Get It Wrong

12:44 pm|Comments Off on You Can’t Get It Wrong

Remember what it’s like every January? All the holiday baubles and folderol are packed in boxes for another eleven months […]

  • The Stages Of Spiritual Awakening Lead To Wonderful Mysteries Out Of This World

Stages of Spiritual Awakening

7:34 pm|Comments Off on Stages of Spiritual Awakening

If the doctor determines you need surgery, he usually doesn’t put down his pad and pen, stand up, and say […]

  • Spiritual Awakening Symptoms Always Signal It's Time for Change

Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

9:46 pm|Comments Off on Spiritual Awakening Symptoms

One cannot expect to go through a Spiritual Awakening without change.  There are as many as 59 different Spiritual Awakening […]